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10 week online course

Awaken Your Aliveness, Confidence & Access to Pleasure

Course starts 3 October 2021

As women, many of us are disconnected from our feminine essence and have missed out on experiencing the magic and power within our bodies. This can manifest and show up as: 

~ exhaustion 
~ stress & anxiety, leading to burnout
~ riding the rollercoaster of emotions
~ inability to make decisions or hear your intuition
~ PMS, painful menstruation, or reproductive health issues
~ lack of libido & sexual energy   
~ unfulfillment in romantic relationships
~ seeking love, validation & appreciation from others
~ feelings of unworthy-ness and frustration


The answer to releasing the story above starts by re-claiming your menstrual cycle and understanding your cyclical nature.

What is our cyclical nature?


Humans are ruled by hormones, which are messengers that control and coordinate activities throughout the body. They have an influence on our physical, mental, emotional outlook and our connection to self and spirit. 

In our menstruating years, we have a hormonal cycle of ~28 days, moving through four unique phases, just like the moon. Men? They have a 24-hour hormonal cycle — just like the sun. 

Let that settle. 

We are different from men! We can try to show up the same every day, like a man, but this is at the cost of numbing our feminine essence. Or, we can choose to honor our feminine rhythm and benefit from trusting and loving our bodies; feeling energetic, sensual, effortlessly balanced, and experiencing overall wellbeing. With this, comes a sense of permission to live authentically, increased self-love and acceptance, releasing the need to seek from the external world. 

“A woman embodying her feminine essence is a powerful force.”

This 10-week course is designed to awaken the magic & power that’s already within you, so you feel alive & confident in your body.
By saying YES you will:

~ Walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for your female body after the first session. This is where you'll receive the womb activation, through learning about your reproductive anatomy and biochemistry - the education you wish you'd received when you were younger

~ Understand how the menstrual cycle is so much more than the event of bleeding - each day is a part of your cycle. You'll love connecting with the gifts each phase offers you

~ Unravel the programming & conditioning that disempowers & disconnects you from self & others 

~ Re-frame your relationship with menstruation (de-shaming & reframing exercises) leaving you feeling more confident to your female body & appreciate this sacred time of your cycle

~ Explore a daily mindfulness practice called Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) — a practice of self-inquiry to understand YOUR unique rhythm & learn how to flow with it - Your permission slip to be YOU!

~ Gain a practical understanding of how to organise your social life, work tasks, exercise routine & diet to optimise each phase in the cycle and your overall health and wellbeing. Say hello to your effortless flow!

~ Receive a tool kit of feminine embodiment practices, self-care & rituals to connect to your female body (breasts, womb, yoni), relax your nervous system, connect to pleasure

& support yourself in the most nurturing way  

~ Explore the magical gifts within each phase of the menstrual cycle, including PMS, creativity & intuition


~ Cultivate an awareness of your needs & boundaries & how to communicate them to those around you - improving your relationships at home, work & romantically

~ Understand what it means to listen and move from your womb wisdom

Included in the course:

~ Eight live sessions, 90-120 minutes (these will be recorded for re-stream)

~ One pre-recorded self-care practice

~ Printable charting materials

~ Accountability buddy system  


~ Bi-weekly exercises (think journaling, reflection, resources)


~ 20-minute menstrual coaching session with Jaime for integration

~ PDF Menstrual Magic Guide


~ Lifetime access to the recordings


~ Community Facebook group


Course outline

Week 1: Getting to know your female body 

  • Female anatomy 

  • The science of the reproductive hormonal cycle — get clear on what’s happening in your body

  • Acknowledge the different phases, ‘the inner seasons’ of the menstrual cycle & how to align with the energy of them

  • Create a cycle charting practice

Week 3: Connecting to your Womb Wisdom 

  • Soft meditative movements to cultivate awareness & energy in your womb

  • Connect your heart & womb centers (two power centres in a woman)

  • Share & connect with the group of women 

Week 5: Opening to the Feminine 

  • Pre recorded self-care practice to support connection to the female body, cultivate healthy hormones and a healthy cycle

Week 7: Integration time 

  • One on one 20min coaching call with Jaime to integrate your learnings and open to the magic of your cycle 

Week 9: Relaxing into Eros 

  • Somatic practices and movement to deepen your relationship with your eros and access to pleasure

Week 2: The magic of Inner Winter 

  • Revealing the shadow of menstruation

  • Your relationship with menstruation 

  • The magic of your Inner Winter phase (menstruation)

  • How to support and care for yourself during this sacred time

Week 4: The flow of Inner Spring & Inner Summer 

  • The flow of Inner Spring & Summer phases (pre ovulation & ovulation)

  • How to utilise this time of playfulness & productivity

  • Cultivating more pleasure in life

Week 6: The truth & power of Inner Autumn 

  • Your needs, desires & boundaries 

  • The power of Inner Autumn phase (pre-menstruation)

  • Release techniques for PMS

Week 8: Menarche Ritual

  • A healing ritual to recover the past so that you can rewrite your entry into womanhood, your first menstruation experience which is said to set the tone of every menstruation thereon 

Week 10: Closing Ceremony 

  • Sharing integration circle: your experience of cyclical living

  • Closing ceremony




Sign up by 1 October 2021 

 Payment plans available on request

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What the women are saying

Transformed my relationship from pain to a sacred passage in 2 cycles


​“This course will take you on a deep inner journey into understanding so many aspects of yourself. This course helped me transform my relationship to my menstrual cycle from one of inconvenience and pain to a sacred passage into myself each month, where I can give myself permission to rest and release.


Jaime is able to blend science with the ethereal and provide a course that empowers you with knowledge, whilst also inviting you to look deep within. The space was held with love and presence and I felt a lovely bond between the women who also participated.” 

— Donna, London

Stripped down so many cultural layers that weren't in alignment with my feminine essence

“Every woman should take this course! I feel so empowered now that I understand what is going on within my body throughout each cycle. I've been able to strip down so many cultural layers that weren't in alignment with my feminine essence and I now have a deeper relationship with myself as a whole.


I've been applying Jaime's menstrual teachings to my everyday life and will continue to do so. I'm so grateful I said yes to loving and learning about my body as a woman.”

— Areli, Thailand

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Learned how to manage my energy levels, no more unexpected exhaustion!

Pink Flower

“This course is the kind of experience you wish for all women in your life. It opens you up to what lies beneath all the layers of conditioning of being a woman and makes you believe that you can actually heal yourself by listening and tuning in to what you need at each moment of your cycle.


I learned so much about myself that I never thought about before — especially why I am feeling tired/exhausted some times, while others I am on top of the world — without ‘apparent’ reason. I only wish the course would go on for another six months so we can delve even deeper! <3”

— Anna, Germany

I positively changed the way I care for myself and for others

"Jaime's wisdom and knowledge around the magical menstrual cycle has not only increased my awareness of my body, but changed and improved the way I live my life, care for myself and others.


My energy and mood levels are even and I celebrate myself in ways I never thought would be possible. The greatest gift a woman can treat herself to is the wisdom of her own body facilitated by space holder Jaime. Heartfelt thank you."

— Tove, Sydney

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My period returned during the course, after 18 months of not having one!

Smiling Woman with Glasses

"When I joined this online course I had not had a period for 1.5 years! I was so happy to have my flow return during the course!

I have a greater understanding of my cycle and a more peaceful, harmonious connection with my womb.

I recommend this course to anyone who would like to connect with and heal their menstrual cycle.

Thank you for sharing the womb wisdom Jaime"

— Chelsea, Sydney 

I developed a strong sense of connection with my womb and my body

"The content of the course was excellent; a good balance of science with spirituality, interesting, well structured. It really helped me to learn about and understand my cycle.


The womb yoga gave me a deeply connected experience with my body. I developed an understanding of my own body's cycle, rhythm, and flow, which gave me a strong sense of connection.


I feel very grateful to have learned from Jaime who is a beautiful soul. She's a knowledgeable and experienced facilitator, and her passion comes through in every element of the course. She is playful, kind, and fun, with the right amount of humor and lightheartedness.


I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in their own body, how it works, and how their menstrual cycle affects every day of their life.

— Sammy, Wales



How much time do I need?
Each week there is a live call for 90-120 minutes. In addition to these calls, you’ll need 10 minutes for the buddy accountability call and five minutes daily to check in with yourself and chart your daily experience. This can be seen as an evening ritual, an act of self-care or a mindfulness practice. 
Total = 2-3hours a week — all in the name of self care.

I don’t have a menstruation cycle, can I still join?
Yes, absolutely. If you are experiencing irregular periods or amenorrhea (missing periods), the mindfulness practices in this course will contribute positively to your menstrual and overall health. A number of women have joined this course without experiencing a cycle for months and have had it return before the course is complete. 

Women who have irregular cycles, post menopause, or do not menstruate can enjoy working with the lunar (moon) cycle. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding this may not be the best time to dive into this work as the hormonal cycle is in a different cycle.  

I’m on hormonal birth control, can I still join?
If you are on hormonal birth control, you can still benefit from this course and framework. It is likely you won’t experience the same ebb and flow as a natural cycle because most forms of hormonal contraception prevent ovulation, however, working with the lunar cycle can be supportive. 

What time are the live calls?
The live calls will be every Sunday (other then the first session where we begin on a new moon), at 4pm Bangkok time, 4pm Bali, Sydney 7pm, London 10am

For your timezone check here:

What if I cannot join the calls?
If you’re in a timezone that doesn't accommodate the live calls, or have to skip a session/s, I will post the recording in the closed facebook group so you can catch up in your own time. 

Have another question? 

Let me answer that for you, book your free 15min discovery call with me today


Are you ready to reclaim your womb wisdom?