What are the Inner Seasons?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

You may have hear of women referring to their inner season which is an exploitative framework to deepen your awareness of the menstrual cycle and find your effortless flow.

The menstruation cycle is regulated by the release of four main reproductive hormones, which interplay each cycle. These hormones have an influence on your physical, mental, emotional outlook and your connection to self and spirit. Understanding how these hormones impact you is a journey to self love and acceptance. You can read my previous blog post to understand more about these hormones.

The menstrual cycle can be looked at in four main phases. Each phase has a different impact on the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Overview of the phases

Menstruation phase: Inner Winter

The reproductive hormones are low, the uterine lining is shedding, the body is releasing physically and emotional.

This time in the cycle can be likened to winter time. It is a time to slow down, rest and restore. There is a hibernation energy to surrender to.

You might enjoy inward looking activities such as journalling, meditation and light stretching. Nourish yourself with warm soups, broths and iron rich foods.

Pre-ovulatory phase: Inner Spring

Menstruation has ended, estrogen starts to release from the ovary. With the rise in estrogen comes an increase in physical energy and mental clarity.

There is a sweet, playful energy to be expressed. This is a great time to start a challenge or learn something new.

The brain is optimised to analyse and organise, a time to plan your month/calendar/goals ahead. It is easier to eat lighter in spring and summer due to estrogen suppressing the appetite and increasing willpower.

Ovulatory phase: Inner Summer

Estrogen is rising to its peak to trigger ovulation, which means physical energy levels tend to be at their highest, with a few exceptions - if rest wasn't honored in winter, or if one is feeling overwhelmed by a lack of direction/purpose or structure.

There tends to be much more desire to be outdoors and to socialise in this phase. Confidence levels are high and you may even feel more sensual. Communication skills are at their best - a great time for presenting, nurturing relationships and asking for what you need.

Post-ovulatory phase: Inner Autumn

After ovulation, estrogen (the happy, glossy hormone) drops away and progesterone comes into play. Progesterone has a relaxing and calming affect on the body, encouraging the body to slow down.

There's a strong energy of completion, a desire to tick off the to do list, to clean the house and clear anything that no longer serves. The metabolism speeds up and so you may notice a desire for more foods - particularly closer to winter. Nourish well, avoid the junk food and sugar.

Want to learn more about the inner seasons and how to align with the energies and magical gifts of each season - check out my Menstrual Magic 8 week online course.

*The image at the top of this page shows suggested days for each phase. The days are a guide for you to explore. Each woman will experience the days and phases differently, particularly if you have shorter or longer than 28 day cycles.

I give thanks to Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer who developed the concept of inner seasons and have spread this powerful work far and wide.

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